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Striking Building Services offers a comprehensive home maintenance and renovation service. From the smallest to the largest remodelling projects, Rob offers a fully qualified solution for any home improvement service.

End-Of-Lease Maintenance

If you are a Landlord or Property Manager looking for a building professional to take care of the many maintenance issues associated with keeping a property sound and well presented, call Striking Building Services to assist you in the endless list of odd-jobs which can include: 

  • securing or replacing loose fence palings
  • repairing broken gates or latches
  • adjusting doors which are not opening or closing properly 
  • repairing or replacing decking boards which may be lifting or deteriorating

Decks & Pergola's

Decks & Pergola's are a wonderful way of extending the indoors to the outdoors. They offer space and flexibilty when entertaining and allow us to enjoy our gardens all year, providing shade and shelter from the harsh Canberra climate.

The beauty of natural timber adds warmth and character to any home, in particular those which feature modern architectural elements. For instance parapet walls, large doors & windows sometimes do not provide adequate shade or protection from harsh sunlight, wind and rain offered by traditional roofs and eaves.

Internal Walls

Removing a wall or opening or relocating an existing doorway can redefine a room or living space, improving flow and functionality to existing residences.

The recent trend for wall cut-outs is aesthetically pleasing as well as being functional . Wall cut-outs can frame and encase large screen TV's in the living room, they can be used to showcase artwork or photography in an entrance or hallway and offer a stylish storage solution in a bathrooms or shower recess.

Replacing Windows

Replacing windows can offer an established home with enhanced natural lighting and ventilation solutions which can result in greater energy efficiency for your home.

Replacing/Repairing Doors

Replacing entrance and internal doors and door furniture is an option when looking to provide your home with an instant facelift. However, if a repair or adjustment is all that is required, Striking Building Services also offer this service.

Timber Screens

Timber Screens and planter boxes are attractive and clever design solutions. They can be used simply to create a stylish feature or for more practical purposes - to hide unsightly fences, sheds, water tanks, clotheslines or to provide additional privacy from neighbouring properties.

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